Child Support Calculator for Family Law

In order to protect your children’s interests and legal rights, you may need a child support lawyer.

One of the most difficult parts of divorce law or a separation is worrying about child support payments. A common question often asked of divorce lawyers and child support law firms is what a fair level of child support would be.

Calculate Your Approximate Base Level of Child Support

Child support payments are generally calculated based on the income of the parent who is paying, along with the number of children they are supporting. To simplify matters, we’ve created a Child Support Calculator that will help parents determine what kind of child support they can expect to pay or receive, based on current Ontario laws and guidelines.

Federal Child Support Guidelines

In Canada, the Department of Justice uses tables in the Federal Child Support Guidelines to determine basic child support amounts.

Depending on which province you are living in, the guidelines can be a little different. For our Child Support Calculator tool, we’ve used the Ontario child support guidelines. All you need to do is put in the gross annual income of the paying parent, along with the number of children expected to receive child support.

This tool can help you estimate what child support will look like for you.

Seeking Legal Advice for Child Support

Keep in mind that this is only the base level of child support in Ontario for certain custody and residence scenarios, such as sole custody. Your family lawyer, through collaborative law or other negotiations, may help you come to another arrangement. If, for example, there is a heavy financial hardship on one of the parties involved or there are special expenses, the level of support could be more or less. The Ontario child support calculator is designed to simply give you an idea of what you can expect and if arbitration is necessary. The Ontario child support calculator is only to be used for general information about child support levels, the resulting calculations do not constitute a legal document or opinion.

As all parents have legal obligations to support their children, figuring out fair child support payments is one of the most important aspects of a divorce. Child Support Lawyer Elinor Shinehoft and her experienced team can help you find an appropriate level of child support, as well as with other difficult matters such as child custody or calculating spousal support.

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Ontario Child Support Calculator

PLEASE NOTE: This calculator will only provide an estimate based on the Ontario child support guidelines.

Child support is typically calculated based on the income of the parent who is paying the support, along with the number of children they are supporting.


Monthly Award:

For more detailed information, on the basis for the creation of this calculator, you can visit this Government of Canada Child Support Calculator.

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