Wills & Power of Attorney

The Shinehoft Law firm is focused on ensuring you can live your life and leave your legacy.

Planning Ahead is Key to your Piece of Mind

Birth, marriage and death are all integral parts of what we call LIFE. While we cannot anticipate everything that will happen over the course of one’s life, we can control aspects of it, and plan for our and our family’s future.

Elinor Shinehoft will help you prepare your last Will and Powers of Attorney, so that you can plan to distribute your assets as you wish for your loved ones; and allow for your assets and personal healthcare to be handled and cared for during your lifetime if the need arises.

Easing Your Burden

Losing a loved one, friend or relative, is one of the most traumatic experiences in life, and having the responsibility to administer their estate while grieving can be overwhelming. Elinor and her staff will take care of any estate administration, probate, distribution of assets and debts.

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